Added a Crawl of Thumbnails of Web Design Projects

Today I added a crawl of thumbnails of screenshots of projects from my portfolio to my header.  Just a little something to showcase some JavaScript implementation into my WordPress site, and for presenting the work up at the top of each page.  A little bit of eye-candy factor.

I have over 70 thumbnails of projects to choose from, and I didn’t want the page load time to become enormous from loading all 70+ thumbnails into the crawling clip.  So I coded the crawling clip for 10 thumbnails, and added a little .PHP coding for picking a random number between 1 and 66, and then incremented the number up from 1 through 10 for each image.

So on the page load let’s say the code generates a random number of 43, we see thumbnails number 43 through 53 in the crawl.  The page loads again and the page generates another random number of 6, we see thumbnails of projects 6 through 16.  Each page load a different number with the corresponding sequence of 10.  Thus our page load times are small and the user gets to see a different selection of thumbs from page to page.

For this little feature I utilized Google’s ever popular jQuery library and SimplyScroll – “a scroll-tastic jQuery plugin” by Will Kelly and just a little bit of my own .PHP.  Till next time~

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