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HAHP Illustrations
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I got to save the day and show my stuff when IMC2 was stuck with thumbnail sized JPGs of the illustrated assets provided by the interim agency. The thumbnails could not be used in the Flash micro-site as they were too small and could not be increased in size without rasterisation.

I took the illustrations to my home office and used my 9″ x 12″ Wacom Pad and Pen and re-illustrated all the assets in Flash.

Here is a side by side comparison of a selection of the assets, the original on top and my illustrations on bottom. As you can see they are for all purposes identical.

As well, I painted all colors on separate layers, and painted all lines as paint fills, so that any illustration could be changed to a preferred color or scaled without line curvature displacement.

I re-illustrated over 80 assets over the weekend and by Monday the project was back in progress. The original larger versions of the assets were never found.

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