Flash Web Game Christmas Catastrophe for 2011

Flash Web Game Christmas Catastrophe for 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone! This year for my Flash online Greeting Card, I created a Flash Game based on my 10-year-old Niece’s board-game that she created and illustrated. To play the game follow the link: http://mattgillmore.com/portfolio/christmas-game/ Try to get your sleigh around town and to the milk and cookies first! If you land at a nice […]

Natural Organic Warehouse Featured

Natural Organic Warehouse Website Design

Natural Organic Warehouse website design http://www.naturalorganicwarehouse.comEASYTERMINAL CORP – PRESIDENT WEB DESIGNER Natural Organic Warehouse was moving forward with an all new shopping cart and was ready for an all new design and look and feel. Having seen my work on the Texas Plant and Soil Lab website, the founder of Natural Organic Warehouse called me […]

glock the book Thumbnail

Glock the Book Website

Glock the Book by Paul Barrett Website http://www.glockthebook.comEASYTERMINAL CORP – PRESIDENT PRODUCTION DESIGNER WEB DEVELOPER .ASP HTML CSS I launched a new website this October with New York City design partner Phixative for published author Paul Barrett and his new book Glock, The Rise of America’s Gun. Features for the Glock the Book website include: […]

omaha fertility thumbnail

Omaha Integrative Care for Fertility Website

Omaha Integrative Care for Fertility Website http://www.omahaicf.comEASYTERMINAL CORP – PRESIDENT PRODUCTION DESIGNER WEB DEVELOPER .PHP HTML CSS I launched a new website this month, the Omaha Integrative Care for Fertility is a brand new website developed and launched for design partner Phixative in NYC. The big goal of OICF was to sell tickets to their […]

Energy Price Quote Featured

EnergyPriceQuote.com Web Design & Internet Marketing

Energy Price Quote EASYTERMINAL CORP – DIRECTOR CONCEPT DESIGNER, IA, UE PRODUCTION DESIGNER SITE DEVELOPER HTML / CSS SITE HOSTING PROVIDER SEO / SNM Of particular challenge to re-skinning the look and feel of EnergyPriceQuote.com was integrating the new CSS and design onto the old .ASP legacy HTML. Many of the pages are rendered conditionally […]

Energy Price Quote Flyer Featured

EnergyPriceQuote.com Valpak Coupon

EnergyPriceQuote.com Valpak CouponEASYTERMINAL CORP – PRESIDENT PRINT DESIGNER   Here is a scan of Valpak coupon I designed for EnergyPriceQuote.com. Of the various options of the print design provided, I preferred the sunburst background.

NsideScoop Featured

NsideScoop Web Design

NsideScoop Networking WebsiteEASYTERMINAL CORP – PRESIDENT WEB DESIGNER   The concept design work done for NSideScoop was extensive, with deliverables totaling 12 PSDs, over 3 dozen layer comps, over 40 JPGs and dozens of PNGs.

Amp Email Featured

Amp Energy Production Design

Amp Energy Email Sign-up and ConfirmationEASYTERMINAL CORP – PRESIDENT PRODUCTION DESIGNER WEB DEVELOPER HTML CSS   I performed cuts and front end build for AMP energy sign-up forms, confirmations and messaging.

RandR Tile Featured

RandR Tile Website

RandR Tile Business WebsiteEASYTERMINAL CORP – PRESIDENT HOSTING PROVIDER PRODUCTION DESIGNER WEB DESIGNER WORD PRESS   An extensive reskin of a WordPress template with a jQuery carousel.