HTML Email Cut and Coded in an Hour

I had work waiting for me in the email box this morning.  A regular client of mine, a design partner in NYC, needed an HTML email cut and coded for their “global soft drink corporation”.  They said, “This is due as soon as it can be completed (end of day today or tomorrow if possible for you.)”

So first thing this morning I cut and coded it in Email compliant HTML and got it back out the door.  For these emails I also provide a spreadsheet of links and corresponding cuts for marketing tracking.  Before delivering the staging and the zip I tested the email in Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook 2010 on PC.  I know they test it on Mac in Gmail and Outlook 2011, and I test it here on my Mac as well.

I started it at 10:15 am and wrapped it up at 11:15 am precisely.  They had it back in New York City at 12:15 am.

If you would like to experience this kind of freelance web design service, be sure to contact me using my email form.

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