Part 2 of Phase 2 of Website Portfolio Migration Complete

Well, my Phase 2 objectives were to migrate all existing content from the static HTML portfolio over to the new WordPress Portfolio are now complete. I will spend the rest of the day setting up Content Pages such as Services and Fees and Contact, which is content that did not previously exist on the old portfolio.

It has already been a busy week this week. I cut and coded a Pure Pepsi HTML email to be sent out soon. If you haven’t already you should sign up for the Pure Pepsi HTML Email, they really do have great offers and you can see monthly examples of my HTML email development work sent right to your email box!

Also this week my Design partner Phixative in New York City is wrapping up launching a new website for the Omaha Integrative Care for Fertility clinic in Omaha, Nebraska. I provided production design, web development in .php html and css, as well as research for selling event tickets online and integration into said platform. It was a great project and the client and team are happy to see it launch.

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