Logo On Amazon, Your Tagline Goes Here

When your logo makes it all the way to Amazon, but your tagline doesn’t: Stock logo design gone wrong.I can only relate to the poor sap that became sight-blind to this stock logo’s tagline. This graphic almost certainly made it through many revisions, and other people proofing it, to get all the way on Amazon […]

Yahoo’s Homepage Has Shit On It

Yahoo! has become so negligent you can actually find “shit” on their homepage. And this is to be expected when you abandon your Homepage and any attempt at legitimate revenue earning for aggregating other people’s content and sponsored content. I’ve had my Yahoo! email account as my main public email since it first began in […]

jean simmons kiss information thumbnail

The Daily Show Captions “Jean Simmons” of KISS

Hey Jon Stewart, do you ever watch The Daily Show, on closed captions? ‘People who get Jean Simmons tour dates get “KISS-information”.’ I watch everything on my television with closed captions turned on. Television shows, movies, DVDs — everything has closed captions or subtitles displaying. My mother was mostly deaf. Without her hearing aids she […]

background arthur christmas thumbnail

Arthur Christmas Background on YouTube Trailer

I was surfing YouTube for official movie trailers and music videos when I saw a link for the new Arthur Christmas animated movie. Being a big fan of animated movies and having seen a billboard for Arthur Christmas while driving down the freeway I clicked on the link and rolled over to their official YouTube […]

weather underground thumnail

Weather Underground Needs Time Range on Graphs

Hey Weather Underground, What is the range of time on these little graphs? One day? One hour? 6 hours? It’s kinda like, here’s a speedometer, with no numbers, and we’re not gonna tell you if it’s miles-per-hour, or kilometers-per-hour, or feet-per-second. I tried mousing over them. I tried clicking on them, I read the FAQ, […]