Website by Matt Gillmore - Diet Coke 2009 Silver Reskin Flash Developer and Animation

Diet Coke Silver Website Redesign 2009

Working demo of wave menu and animation Flash Homepage Development and Animation for Diet Coke Silver reskin 2009 I was sole Flash Developer for Home Page, Product Page and History Page, as well as animator of lighting city-scapes and car traffic in backgrounds. Of special note for the Flash Home Page of Diet Coke is […]

Interactive Development by Matt Gillmore - Secret Expressions

Secret Scent Expressions Flash Landing Page

Flash Landing Page Secret Scent Expressions Working example One of the more challenging and rewarding projects, I was sole flash developer for the spinning wheel of scent cards. This bit of interactive eye-candy gave the consumer a chance to explore the scents offered by secret deodorant products in a fun way that required lots of […]

Prilosec OTC Cheryl Ladd Flash Video Player and Chat

Prilosec OTC Cheryl Ladd Flash Video Player

Prilosec OTC Cheryl Ladd Flash Video Player and Chat I was sole Flash Developer for this multi-video player with registration, login, and message board chat.  I preformed all video post-production of IMC2 shot video for web and broadcast. The navigation for the 21 videos came in two different roles and three different categories. The unit […]

Flash by Matt Gillmore - Babel the Major Motion Picture

Babel the Movie

The art department of the major motion picture Babel came to me needing a fully interactive simulated computer screen for actors portraying border guards. Eventually the longer version of the scene utilizing the screen was cut from the movie, but here’s what the movie producer had to say about my work: “Great work- thanks so […]

Website by Matt Gillmore - Napa Branding

The Napa Branding Company Flash Website

Flash Website for The Napa Branding Co. Working Demo Napa Branding came to me with 2 screenshots for examples of look and feel and about five paragraphs of ideas. I shaped those ideas into a user experience and added the “Your Story” narrative of the customers and their visions of their brands of wine. The […]