Texas Plant and Soil Lab Website

Texas Plant and Soil Lab Website

Texas Plant and Soil Lab Website
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Texas Plant and Soil Lab was in desperate need of data enterprise, a web presence, a change in marketing, and new business. To accomplish what I did for them required going and living on-site in their business residence for a month, working 6 days a week learning their business inside and out.

In the end I redesigned, rebuilt and redeployed their website and internet IT.
I redid all their print equity into a standard modern set of logos and branding. In building a new website, we were mindful to transition over all the established search engine links with permanent redirects to their new corresponding URLs. We oversaw Google’s listing transition and maintained or improved search visibility.

I converted their paper and pencil way of doing things into a web-enabled app they can run from any device accessing the internet. In web enabling their data we built in extra proprietary security features, we elliminated the need for per-seat licensing of software or platform requirements, we provided remote accessibility as a foundation and not just a feature, we reduced human error and greatly increased production and accountability.

I elliminated most of their print advertising and setup new pay-per-click and radio advertising.

New and effective advertising was crucial to bringing in new business. Elliminating advertising that could not be measured precisely was an absolute.

Here in October 2010 the owner
told me they have more business then they’ve had in a long time during a traditionally dead time of the year.

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