We’re All Migrating to Windows 10 in One Big Bus

For the first year of the new Windows 10 release, upgrading will be FREE for Windows 7 and Window 8 Users

Goodbye Windows 8! Thanks for nothing.
Image used from Yahoo! Tech Article Here!

Everyone is reporting on this announcement and it's probably one of the single biggest changes to Microsoft's model. I know a lot of us hate 8, and a lot of us refuse to leave 7. But not only does the free upgrade to 10 make a lot of financial sense, it's a great opportunity to get all of your computers on a current and level playing field.

For the first time in my life, I'm going to get in front of the new Microsoft Windows roll-out, and I'm going to convert all of my 7 and 8 computers as early as possible, and prepare myself to help all my clients and customers to upgrade to Windows 10.

I know it's a pain in the rear - we all hate having to learn a new Windows Upgrade - and a lot of us are still struggling with having just recently upgraded to 8. But the alternative is to continue to suck wind having all our computers on different older versions of Windows - including 8, which we all hate - and eventually pay for the upgrades that they're gonna start by giving away free.

So get on board and start reading and preparing yourselves now for the upgrade to Windows 10. When I'm all trained up and you're ready - and well before the one-year free upgrade ends - we're all taking the plunge and doing a mass upgrade to 10.

And, as a final note to all readers: At this point, no one should have any Windows XP computers connected to the internet! If you still are running Windows XP on a computer that is connected to the internet contact me immediately. No exceptions.

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