Yahoo’s Homepage Has Shit On It

Yahoo! has become so negligent you can actually find "shit" on their homepage.

And this is to be expected when you abandon your Homepage and any attempt at legitimate revenue earning for aggregating other people's content and sponsored content.

I've had my Yahoo! email account as my main public email since it first began in 1997 and I've been a Yahoo! supporter with Yahoo! Stores and other services for a very long time.

But with the slow, long, gradual decline of Yahoo!'s management and services, Yahoo! has abandoned hope of legitimate offerings and turned to offensive, click-bait, multi-page articles from sponsored content and automatically aggregated content from every nefarious crap website in the world - apparently without any concern for a profanity filter.

So while Yahoo!'s homepage has metaphorically been full of shit for a while, today, the homepage actually has shit on it. Bravo.

And way to go, GQ. You're really ringing the bell of journalistic standards.

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