Logo On Amazon, Your Tagline Goes Here

When your logo makes it all the way to Amazon, but your tagline doesn't:

Stock logo design gone wrong.

I can only relate to the poor sap that became sight-blind to this stock logo's tagline. This graphic almost certainly made it through many revisions, and other people proofing it, to get all the way on Amazon just to say, "your tagline goes here."

I recently had the same experience. A print piece that I obsessed over for hours, that was reviewed by two managers and signed off on by the owner went to print with 2,000 units and a glaring mistake. Everyone looked right over it. All four of us saw only what we wanted to see. Only after they were printed did one of the customer service personnel, seeing it for the first time, say, "hey, what's up with that?"

Which brings me to the only viable help that I can offer in this regard: have as many people review it as possible.

My mistake was that I kept it among the folks working on it, a couple of key managers and the owner. And there really wasn't any reason to. I didn't have my creative team review it, I could have had everyone in the main office review it, I could have emailed it to several associates in my circle and just told everyone: we're about to go to print with this, does anyone see anything wrong? And by spreading it across 15-30 people, someone would have noticed. Having more than just the four of us, someone would have noticed.

your tagline goes here

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