I provide a long list of consultation, design, development and marketing services in web, interactive and print. I especially excel in providing supplemental services to independent designers and small agencies. I provide spectacular end user service and insist on customer satisfaction.

AS2 Developer
AS2 is short for ActionScript 2 which is a proprietary language used in Flash development. I have created extensive AS2 Flash projects including video players, chat message boards, mp3 players, extensive media portfolios, games, interactive infomercials and presentations.

I excel in comprehensive project over-site and fluency in all stages of project execution. Before my entry into the web in 1997, I had already amassed 12 years business experience in computer science, coding, systems administration, GUI and software support. Architecture Information, User Experience, and Comprehensive Project Over-site all come naturally to me. Before you go into production. Before you begin designing. Before you commit to a platform or a language or a solution. Before you go out and sign up for an expensive merchant account. Allow me to review your project and make recommendations, no matter what your stage. If I don’t steer you clear of pitfalls, if I don’t show you places where you would end up in a cycle of revisions and wasted man hours, If I don’t contribute to the streamlining of your project, the evaluation and my time are free.

I have extensive Ecommerce experience on a number of different platforms, and on Yahoo Stores extensively. I have run and operated several Yahoo Stores myself, and have extensive experience in not only the design, creation, coding and marketing of Ecommerce, but as well in inventory, shipping, point-of-sale systems, enterprise data development, web enabled data systems and order fulfillment. If you have an interest in selling a product online, no matter what your desired degree of involvement, I can set up a plan and supplement services to fit your needs.

Flash Design
Good Flash design properly utilizes the vector nature and effects proprietary to Flash. Often when I see Flash websites or landing pages, it is obvious to me that all of the design work was done in Photoshop and exported as flat graphics and imported into Flash. And often the Flash is built to handle the User Experience in a simulated traditional experience. Utilizing Flash to its greatest potential means designing in Flash, utilizing the strengths of the vector platform, proper utilization of Flash effects, and exploring the endless possibility of transition and architecture. If you are interested in a Flash website but have concerns over what you’ve been told about Flash implemented improperly, let me give you a full evaluation and recommendation on your project.

Flash Website
A well built Flash website is like a Swiss watch. A well built Flash website prepares for all possible browser sizes and platforms and allows for search indexing and WCAG. I see a lot of bad Flash websites out there that don’t compensate for all of these other things that need to be handled outside of the Flash, and I see a lot of people unnecessarily afraid of Flash ever since Steve Jobs came out and said ‘I don’t like Flash, it stinks, so I won’t support it on iPhones or iPads’ (I’m paraphrasing). If you are interested in having a Flash site and you want it done right please allow me to evaluate your project and show you how to fall in love with Flash all over again.

Hosting Provider
Everyone wants super cheap hosting from some brand name hosting service; but when you get what you pay for you end up with tech support out-sourced overseas, phone representatives with thick, indiscernible accents, solutions wrapped up in “24 – 48 hour waiting periods” and “especially high call volumes”. Do you know how to set the DNS servers for your hosting? Do you know how to create an FTP account? Do you know what to do when your email stops working? Do you really want to “press 2 for tech support”? For a couple of more dollars a month you could have me as your personal hosting provider who set it all up for you, set up your emails, set up the DNS and the traffic reporting. When you host with me your website is on state-of-the art hardware sitting on top of two Internet connection backbones in downtown Dallas. When you host with me, if anything goes wrong, you drop me an email or call me on the phone and I take care of it for you. No tech speak, no long hold times, just taken care of.

I have designed, cut and coded HTML Emails for BlockBuster, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Iams, Eukanuba, Prilosec OTC, American Airlines Vacations, Mountain Dew, and Gillete Satin Care just to name a few. HTML code and graphic specifications for HTML Email differ greatly from web, so don’t be fooled by someone who thinks that just because they can create a web page they can create an HTML email.

I am adept at cartoon and comic illustration with literally hundreds of examples for reference. Illustration for web can be created in Flash and exported as necessary to vector or raster, or hand illustrated and inked in the traditional method, scanned, and colored and post produced in Photoshop.

Print Designer
With a large background in graphic design, pre-press and offset press I am fully qualified for print design and layout for projects such as logos, business cards, post cards, sketchbooks, fliers and brochures.

Production Designer
In between the disciplines of Design and Development is the unsung hero of Production. Really great production design requires a capability to take Right Brain Concepting into Left Brain Coding, and it can make all the difference in the world when getting the beautiful image that is your design into the building blocks that a developer can code and construct. If your end project looks flawlessly like your beginning concepts, there’s a high likely-hood that you have a Production guy to thank between your Designer and your Developer. To this end I can provide cuts, demo builds, style guides, creative-to-tech over-site and development management.

I offer personalized Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Unlike other SEO / SEM firms that simply outsource a templated SEO solution to cheap labor overseas, I take the time to learn your industry, study your industry’s footprint on the Internet, and market your website by utilizing your best business aspects and strengths. I offer setup, implementation and ongoing support of social networking and blogging. I offer content marketing writing that is original – never duplicate content or copy and paste – and that conforms to keyword density, relevancy, and quality. SEO was a majority percentage of my responsibility as I.T. Director in 1999, and I have continue to work in high-level search marketing over the last decade.

Web Design
Web Design is also known as Concept Design in agency language. Web Design is the process of using (in my case) Photoshop to create an image of what the website will look like. Web Design is sometimes incorrectly referred to as Graphic Design. My web design incorporates over two decades of experience in Programming, Software Expertise, User Experience, Information Architecture and GUI, and over a decade in Search Engine Optimization, Internet Content Marketing, W.C.A.G. Guidelines and Empirical User Statistics.

Web Developer
Web Development is the process of writing the HTML code that is the programming that is the website. The majority of web development is HTML and CSS, and can include back-end languages such as XML, .ASP, and .PHP. I have enough development skill in .ASP and .PHP to implement contact forms, small back-end CMS, and typical website solutions. I am not what would be considered a back-end developer or heavy coder. Although I do have experience in heavier back-end positions it is no longer in my focus.

Web Game
I have completed stand alone Flash based web game projects and worked as a team contributor towards Shockwave based web games for big brand names. If you have a web game idea I am happy to review it and give you a free evaluation of your project.

The popularity of the WordPress blog has pushed its use and scalability into the realm of Content Management System type websites. Using WordPress as a website platform has become more and more popular as owners of websites utilize the WordPress back end for easy content addition and maintenance. I have used WordPress for everything from its intended use as a blog, to simple brochure websites, to complicated, completely custom websites, including this portfolio website.